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My Vegas Radio is the Las Vegas valley's fastest growing EDM ONLY station. While we play all types of music please keep in mind that there are over 14 main EDM genres and well over 100 sub-categories and quite honestly there are new fusion ones every day. That being said, we are always looking for new music to play on the station, if you think you might have or know someone who has something new, fresh and exciting that you are trying to get some air time... contact us below and give us a file or link and we will have our team run it through the ringer. One of our founders in a 38 year veteran of the EDM industry and is always looking to give someone a chance.

My Vegas Radio 365 the Podcast is also one of Las Vegas' fastest growing Podcast. Follow along as DJ V36A5 (Vegas), Boone, Marissa and our E.P. take you on a weekly journey into the darkest recesses of their minds. While it is NOT for everyone (NSFW or Children) for those that do love a good laugh or to find out that little unknown factiod (especially about Las Vegas) give us a try. You never know you may be just as twisted as WE ARE!